Welcome to day one of the No Excuse Challenge! 

You’re here because you have decided that you are willing to take the next 30 days to focus on you and to quit making excuses, and dive deep into your fitness goals.

Day one can be the toughest or easiest day of the entire challenge. It’s always tough to start but we crank it up everyday so be ready for a challenge.

Below each of the workouts for each day, you will find a caption (like this one) that will motivate you and help you better understand how to execute the exercises. If you have any additional questions, feel free to shoot the team an email at support@growwithjo.ca . We absolutely love hearing from you.

Today’s workout is a quick HIIT workout, but don’t let the simplicity of it fool you; get ready for a challenge! The circuit will be done for 3 rounds, 30 seconds exercising, and 20 seconds resting. We will warm up for 60s, half of which will be jumping jacks and the other half; high knees.

Exercise pointers:

  1. Standing Crunches – stand as tall as you can, bringing one of your elbows to your opposite knee, performing a crunch-like motion. Remember to push your belly button as far back as possible for maximum squeeze!
  2. Jumping Lunges – keep your chest high and do a small jump to alternate legs
  3. Jump Squats- again, keep your chest high and push your hips back as you sit into the squat then spring up. Try to land as soft as you can on your heels back into the squat
  4. High to Low Planks – keep your hips as straight as possible, while moving up and down between the high and low plank. To modify stay in either the high or low plank
  5. Star Jumps– almost like jumping jacks, except your legs go up with your arms while you jump! Take it at your pace, and if you find these very difficult, do jumping jacks in place.

Remember to cool down by taking a short walk or stretching – Don’t go straight from the workout to sitting down. Thanks for joining me today! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow


no excuse challenge (follow along video program)

30 day challenge, no equipment, no gym, no excuses! Stay on track with these HIIT videos and get ready for calorie torching workouts that will make you sweat!

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