Day 1: Legs – Posterior Chain

Welcome to day one of BBTTgo! This is day 1 of 20 workouts that may or may not change your life; your choice! Throughout this 20 day process, we will be challenging ourselves to keep going throughout these follow along workouts, and staying consistent with them! Don’t worry; me and my team of girls will be right there with you every step (and workout) of the way.

Todays’ workout is meant to work the ‘posterior chain’ of your legs which generally means your booty, hamstrings, and calves. This workout is meant to be one of the more challenging ones, burning up to 600 calories throughout the workout! The cool thing about this workout and all the workouts in this program is that it requires absolutely NO equipment (WHAT?!?!) cool right?
I have provided for you an outline of how the workout is going to look below. Rest when needed and when you are between supersets, I would suggest resting for as long as it takes to get your heart rate back to half the rate it was going during the exercises (but not quite resting rate). If you have any questions about this workout, feel free to comment below. If you enjoyed this workout and want to snap a sweaty selfie, make sure to tag @growwithjo and #bbttgo
When you’re ready, LETS GO!

Warm up : 100 jumping Jack’s
3 rounds of:
Hip abduction x 20
Hip extension x 20/side

3 rounds of:
Sumo squats x15
Kick outs x15/side

3 rounds of:
Bodyweight deadlift x20
Lunge pulses x20/side

3 rounds of:
Glute bridge to kick x20/side
Donkey kick x20/side
Finisher: knee tuck jumps x50

Remember to cool down and stretch, drink lots of water, and prepare yourself for tomorrows workout! 

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