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Motivation will no longer be an issue with these fun-to-follow programs!

Big Booty Tight Tummy Program

The Big Booty Tight Tummy program is designed to deliver one thing… RESULTS. 

Sculpt your entire body with this video program!
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No Excuse Challenge

No gym? No weights? No excuses! Join me on this 30 day Intense HIIT Video program. This series is all about HIIT workouts and sweating! 
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Intro to Boxing with Sylvie D

Learn all the basic steps to boxing - footwork, punches, conditioning, core work and more with elite trainer Sylvie D! 
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Latin Grooves with Sofia Aguilar

Get your dancing shoes on! In this program you will learn Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced moves for 2 styles of dance; Bachata and Salsa! 
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Tighter Tummy in 10 with Kirra O'Brien

A core burn in 10 minutes?!? What!? Learn how to train your core efficiently with these 10 min circuits with elite trainer Kirra O’brien
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Move Different Bundle

Struggling with motivation? Combine 4 follow-along programs to immerse yourself in the adventure of learning to latin groove, boxing...
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Low Impact Strengthen & Tone with Sydney Knight

Strengthen and tone your body with these low impact moves with elite trainer Sydney Knight!
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5 Day Reset Nutrition Plan

Enjoy healthy eating again with this 5 day reset plan! Reset, refresh, and recharge yourself with this nutrition plan.

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Ultimate Guide To Intermittent Fasting

Discover the exact simple & effective methods for using fasting to achieve incredible results!
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Breathe Self Care & Mental Health Workbook

A workbook designed to help you capture your thoughts, worries and fears on a page. Doing this works wonders for your mental health! 
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Restore Your Pelvic Floor Workbook

Safely & effectively restore your pelvic floor while regaining your self-confidence...
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Beat Your Sugar Addiction Workbook

How to put an end to your diet destroying sugar cravings once & for all ...
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Big Booty Tight Tummy - PDF GUIDE

Follow our BEST SELLING program at your own pace with our newly designed BBTT PDF guide... 
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Big Booty Tight Tummy II - GYM PDF GUIDE

Sculpt your body to the next level in the gym with our self-paced PDF guide... 
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Free Workout Calendars

Download free growwithjo workout calendars to keep you accountable and on track!
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Bounce Forward (FREE)

Welcome to your FREE 4 week Bounce Forward Workout Program!

Become a stronger, more confident you with this FREE program!
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growwithjo Academy

Creators in the growwithjo academy represent the brand as they learn from growwithjo leaders on how to build an online brand and presence. 
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Izabela J.  BBTT (1 mo)

Devon J. BBTT (1mo)

Aleesha C. BBTT (2mo)

Julie J. BBTT (3mo)

Kayleigh B BBTT (1mo)

Johanna D BBTT (5mo)

Monica M. BBTT(1mo)

Katie L. BBTT (2mo)

Kalyn D. BBTT (1.5mo)

about growwithjo


My name is Johanna AKA ‘growwithjo’. I am a fitness enthusiast who strives daily to encourage the world to keep moving. I previously battled with being overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. Over time, I found ways to overcome this battle and now my goal is to help others who are wanting to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I have been working as a personal trainer and coach since 2013. I attended McMaster Universityy in Hamilton, Ontario where I studied Kinesiology. I was a team lead in Strength and Conditioning for the Athletics department.

My new lifestyle includes teaching, leading and inspiring movement and growth in the lives of others and being a mom to a little baby boy ❤️