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My name is Johanna Sophia aka growwithjo, I am a fitness enthusiast who strives daily to encourage the world to keep moving, that's why we created Go Daily, let's move today!

no excuse challenge (follow along video program)

No gym? No weights? No excuses! Join me on this 30 day Intense HIIT Video program. This series is all about HIIT workouts and sweating! 
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big booty tight tummy program

The BigBootyTightTummy program in video format. Join a group of wonderful ladies through this intense booty shaping program.
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about growwithjo

My name is Johanna AKA ‘growwithjo’. I am a fitness enthusiast who strives daily to encourage the world to keep moving. I previously battled with being overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. Over time, I found ways to overcome this battle and now my goal is to help others who are wanting to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. I have been working as a personal trainer and coach since 2013. I attended McMaster Universityy in Hamilton, Ontario where I studied Kinesiology. I was a team lead in Strength and Conditioning for the Athletics department. 
Part of my journey includes competing in 3 bikini shows; and subsequently placing top 5 in my final show.  
My new lifestyle includes teaching, leading and inspiring movement and growth in the lives of others. Soon to be mommy ❤️ 


"wow totally got me drenched in sweat!!! Fantastic HIIT workout."
Susy Lopez
"Love love love how I can work out my arms without weights. I would one day like to use weights. But losing so much weight a muscle mass during my pregnancies my strength has not been the same. Can wait to kick butt tomorrow."
Rachel Navarro
"I burned 160 calories (fat burn) in this workout. I’m super sweaty and sore but I’m loving it!"
Becky Turrubiarte